Purchasing insurance online may seem so fast and simple that you wonder why the many independent insurance agents of Connecticut are still in business. But before you click that online purchase button, consider the following reasons why an independent agent makes sense for your insurance needs.

1. Customer Service

Local agents will sit down with you and develop a comprehensive plan to address your insurance needs. When you need to use your insurance, they will be there to help you through the process. As your family or business grows, your independent agent will know how your policies need to change to reflect that growth.

2. Local Knowledge

Local, independent insurance agents know the communities they serve, and the unique needs of those communities. Your local agent knows which properties require flood insurance—and which ones should have it even when it isn’t required. That kind of granular awareness isn’t available on a national website.

3. Money and Time

That online policy looked cheap, but it could be costly in the long run. Your local independent agent knows which policies will best serve your needs, and knows how to assemble a comprehensive portfolio of policies to meet all of your needs.

Perhaps the best reason to choose one of the independent insurance agents of Connecticut is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you, your loved ones, and the assets you’ve worked to acquire have a trusted partner to help keep you secure.