You love your motorcycle, you know you need insurance, but tailored insurance hasn’t crossed your mind. Maybe it’s because you don’t know everything there is to know about it or perhaps you have heard too many of the misconceptions. Here is what you need to know about motorcycle insurance in NJ through three of the most common misconceptions.

Motorcycles Only Need Minimum Coverage

Many people think that bikes don’t cause the same type of damage as a car so they don’t need to get full coverage or extra coverage policies. This simply is not the case. Consider what would happen if you cause an accident where several vehicles are involved. Your bike may not cause all of the damage, but you are still responsible. You need all the coverage you can get.

Crashes Involving Friends Doesn’t Involve Your Provider

If you lend your friend your bike, it may be your provider’s responsibility. When the key leaves your hand, you are also giving over liability. If the bike crashes, no matter fault in the crash, you are liable. Do not forget to report to your insurance in case of any accident involving your bike.

When you look into motorcycle insurance in NJ, make sure that you don’t buy into the myths and misconceptions. This could leave you underinsured.