Top Risks in Oil Field Work

New Mexico oil field insurance

As someone who works in the oil and gas industry, you are likely well aware of the complicated challenges your work presents on a daily basis. New Mexico oil field insurance is an essential protection that oil and gas industry professionals rely upon to cover them in the event of bodily injury liability claims as a result of oil field work, as well as property and equipment damage. The risks in this type of work require the right kind of insurance coverage.

Transport Can Be Dangerous

One of the biggest risks in oil field work comes in the transport phase. Driver fatigue can lead to accidents, and an oil rig worker who then transports oil is at high risk for fatigue at the wheel. There’s also the simple fact that transporting highly combustible materials is inherently risky in and of itself. Hot shot drivers need to have sufficient insurance coverage. The same is true for vacuum truck operators, rig movers and those who operate pressure pumping trucks. The equipment should also be properly covered from the risks of damage due to collisions or accidents.

Coverage Lets You Focus

New Mexico oil field insurance is important coverage for those operating in the oil and gas industry. Making sure your employees and equipment are protected from risks will ensure that you can focus on the job at hand.