Unique Risks for Marina Insurance

marina insurance

Owning a marina comes with a unique set of risks, and you must be prepared for liabilities that dont exist in other professions. Here are some of the risks your marina insurance plan should address.

Charter Boats

Charter boat insurance covers two areas of liability:

  • Hull and machinery
  • Protection and indemnity

The former protects you in the event of damage to the boat or its component parts, including its navigation equipment, machinery, electronics or engine. The second type of coverage applies when a person suffers bodily injury aboard your craft and decides to sue.


When you host a regatta, your marina insurance plan must cover you in the event of property damage or injury. Regatta employees, volunteers, organizers, officers and members are all liabilities. Note that these policies are often only in affect while the boats are on the water and come to an end when the boats are docked.

Jones Act Coverage

The Jones Act protect workers injured at sea, which means you must have coverage in the event that an employee brings a case of negligence against you. Traditional workers compensation coverage does not apply when a seaman invokes the Jones Act.

As someone in the maritime business, you face different risks than someone who owns a restaurant or construction company. You must have marina insurance that fits your needs and your particular liabilities.