Useful Advice for Selling Property & Casualty Insurance

insurance agency marketing

There are hundreds of small agencies vying for customers to sell insurance to. Rather than try to compete in a market dominated by larger corporations, they market to people in localized areas where they have options to sell to a targeted crowd. This is where a good insurance agency marketing strategy becomes important. While there are plenty of customers who prefer to deal with smaller companies, the competition can be quite fierce.

Above all else, the agents must gain trust and be able to deliver on their promise. This means selling the right policies, ones that can truly benefit the client. They also need to be engaging, sincere, and dedicated to helping clients in dealing with their specific needs and goals when it comes to purchasing and maintaining coverage.

It’s vital that agents be available to answer questions, which requires following up with clients to ensure they’re satisfied with their purchase and making sure they fully understand just how the claims process works. A simple phone call lets them know you’ve been thinking about them and are making sure they’re satisfied with the service they receive. This creates client retention and leads to referrals that can further increase your sales.

Focusing on the local market

Not all marketing requires you to go beyond a localized area. It can be quite advantageous to focus on what’s going on here in your own community. There are plenty of opportunities to be found by attending local functions, like charity events. Look in the local paper for events where lots of people will be in attendance, pass out a few business cards and make your presence known. This is a great way in which you can get involved.

Networking is great if you happen to have the talent for it, as it can be a terrific way to spend time helping to build your business. Find out about any local networking events and hop aboard. Let your personality shine and expect to receive some positive results.

Remember, when it comes to insurance agency marketing, it’s important to keep your company and your brand top-of-mind with prospective customers. The time you invest is a big part of how you can go about getting good results.