By now, it’s clear that the Internet isn’t going anywhere. In fact, Internet marketing continues to grow in popularity and break off into various avenues, such as social media. When it comes down to it, Internet marketing begins with a company website.

An insurance web design must be engaging, visually appealing, easily navigated, and informative. The truth is, if the first three don’t exist, very few individuals are going to bother looking past the first page to see if it is in fact an informative website.

For instance, if they want to see the company’s mission statement, but the “About” tab is not easily seen at a glance, they could very well give up and move on all together. On another note, if a website looks “older,” in the sense that they’re not utilizing the newest design tools, it could be seen as less reputable, and therefore turn the customer away from the company.

The average web browser will spend less than a minute on a single page and the first 10 seconds are critical in the decision of whether a customer stays or moves on to another website. In other words, the first impression of the insurance web design is the key to making people stick around, whether on the first page they view or by clicking on a subsequent page.

When looking into how to create a successful insurance web design, it is important to look into things such as colors, fonts, logos, and other branding materials, as well as stock imagery that would potentially be used. However, all of this material needs to keep the primary goal of the website and of the brand in mind
Another key to enhancing insurance web design is through linking with social media. Social media marketing is becoming more essential to a successful business in all industries and a web design that features a link to a Facebook page or a small window showing the Twitter feed of the company provides the consumer with another way to engage with the company and increases the chances of getting them to make another click.

There are many different elements that go into insurance web design and the process to create an effective website is certainly not a quick or easy one. In fact, this job is very much an ongoing one in order to keep the website up to date and looking fresh as technology continues to advance.


photo credit: Thomas Hawk cc