Any type of company that has employees driving vehicles needs the right insurance to stay protected from risk. To find the appropriate coverage for your company’s needs, it’s vital to understand what hired and non-owned (HNOA) insurance is.

Hired Auto Coverage

Hired auto coverage offers adequate protection for the vehicles you rent or borrows for use in your business. However, what all business owners must know is that hired auto insurance does not offer liability coverage for the person operating the vehicle. This type of insurance simply helps to cover your business’s liability.

Non-Owned Auto Coverage

Similarly to hired auto coverage, non-owned auto coverage helps to address your company’s liability without taking business driving into account. If you or your employees get into a car accident while operating a personal vehicle for business purposes, non-owned auto insurance helps to provide the protection that your business needs.

Investing in Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance

The most effective way to keep your business safe from any kind of risk involving rented or borrowed vehicles is to invest in HNOA insurance. According to evidence from world wide specialty programs, this type of coverage can cover the liability expenses associated with a car accident.

Hired and non-owned auto insurance helps protect your company from losses so that it can come back stronger than ever. Find your ideal insurance policy to keep your business running smoothly.