If you run a large company that has offices in different countries, there is a good chance that at least some of your employees travel internationally. While there are many benefits to being a global business, it does not come without risk. Additionally, there are many business pros to sending employees around the world, but any kind of travel comes with risks.

With that said, it may be beneficial to invest in international workers compensation insurance to protect your employees and company from problems that can arise when abroad. 

What International Workers Insurance Covers

Typically, international workers’ insurance includes repatriation coverage for any sickness or injuries that travelers incur while they are in a country outside their original. In addition, these types of insurance policies also usually provide Defense Base Act coverage and significant savings on your overall compensation program.

What You Need To Know About International Workers Insurance

Although there are numerous situations that international workers’ insurance can cover, not every policy is the same. In addition, this type of insurance is in addition to whatever cover is available through domestic Workers’ Compensation programs. In most cases, domestic policies are temporary whereas international workers’ programs offer broader coverage options.
To make sure you can provide your international employees with protection that can keep them safe or help them recover in the event of an emergency, international workers’ insurance coverage is a valuable investment.