As a business owner, keeping your company safe from threats is always a priority. For hemp and cannabis grow ops, this means finding the right insurance policies to fully protect your operation. Without insurance in place, both your crops and your facility are at risk. However, finding the right policies can be confusing.

Business Insurance Must Be Comprehensive

When you’re looking for coverage to protect your hemp and cannabis grow ops, you need to choose a comprehensive insurance policy. This policy should include the following:

  • Protection for your building
  • Liability coverage
  • Protection for your crops
  • Protection for any fleet vehicles
  • Coverage for employees
  • Coverage for equipment

When searching for insurance, make sure you explain to your insurance agent exactly what you need from your policy. Outline the risks your business faces and the liabilities you have as a business owner. The agent can help you find the right coverage for your company.

Don’t Settle for Sub-Par Protection

Unfortunately, some insurance companies won’t insure your hemp and cannabis crops themselves. This is because the government often classifies these plants as controlled substances. Insurance agencies don’t like to take risks and may be unwilling to give you the coverage you need.

Don’t settle for coverage that leaves your business with large gaps. Make sure you choose a policy that will cover your business, property, and crops completely.