Marine insurance is a highly specialized type of insurance that deals with risks to marine vessels. For companies that rely on recreational or commercial vessels, it is very important to obtain coverage that will protect their investment to the fullest extent. Providers like Merrimac Marine have extensive expertise in offering marine insurance policies that are individually drafted to meet the needs of each client.

What Is Different About Marine Insurance?

Marine vessels are routinely exposed to risks from the environment as well as from accidents, theft, vandalism and negligent operation. At the same time, new technologies are constantly being implemented that may require specialized or additional types of coverage.

The marine industry is highly diverse, consisting of companies of all sizes that use vessels fro recreational or commercial purposes. The particular use of a vessel fleet will determine the unique risks that will need to be covered. The most successful marine insurers are those that, like Merrimac Marine, possess a deep understanding of marine vessels and equipment, as well as of the businesses that use them.

Carriers Specializing in Marine Insurance Are the Best Option

Agents and brokers searching for the optimal insurance policy for their clients should look not just for favorable premiums, but also for policies that are uniquely tailored to cover the specific circumstances of each client. A carrier that focuses on providing marine insurance is more likely to have the necessary expertise to meet marine clients’ needs.