Connecticut law requires you to purchase some basic insurance—liability cover age for accidents where you are at fault, and uninsured/underinsured coverage for when the other driver is at fault but cannot pay your repair or medical bills. However, there are many other kinds of Windham Connecticut auto insurance, and sometimes it’s better to get a more comprehensive package than the bare minimum required by law.


Comprehensive Coverage


Of course, there are the basic forms of insurance, which help cover bodily injury or property damage. However, comprehensive coverage can lend an extra layer of protection by offering Windham Connecticut auto insurance plans that cover damage from other sources. Fire, vandalism, and theft are all ways that a car can be damaged or even totally ruined without being in an accident. If the only coverage you have is for crashes, you’re out of luck.


Protection from Smaller Problems


More minor problems with the car can still put a dent in your budget without destroying the vehicle, so it’s a good idea to have insurance to protect against events like these. Full glass coverage can help protect broken windshields or windows, while towing insurance can help pay for the costs of having your car towed.


If necessary, you can even talk with the company to get other types of insurance specific to your needs. Having Windham Connecticut auto insurance for accidents is a good idea and might be required by law, but your best move is to find a policy that covers more than the absolute minimum.


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