Staffing agencies face many challenges when hiring temporary workers. One of the biggest issues that companies see is people coming to work sick. Not only are sick workers typically less productive, but they can also spread their illness and get others sick. However, some people feel they have no choice but to come to work sick. Having a healthy staffing workforce is essential. 

Taking a Sick Day Equals No Pay

In the case of workers who are not full-time salaried employees with benefits, staying home sick results in a loss of pay. Many people choose to come to work when they are ill because they cannot afford to miss out on a day’s pay. 

A Sick Day May Get a Worker in Trouble

There’s a sentiment among some employees that working while feeling ill shows certain dedication. Other people worry that their supervisor will get upset if they call in sick. Companies should be mindful to create an atmosphere where people don’t have these fears. 

Getting Behind

Another issue is the feeling that a day off work will cause work to pile up. In a person’s absence, the job duties may be overwhelming when the individual comes back. A healthy staffing workforce can accommodate to cover for people. 

Make sure your employees know they should not come to work if they are ill. Make adjustments to share the workload and provide a culture where people don’t feel guilty for becoming sick.