Workers compensation insurance is required in Virginia, but it makes business sense to have this added layer of coverage in your portfolio. Your staff is one of your biggest assets, when one is injured and off work, you don’t want to be responsible for their medical bills and lost wages on top of paying someone to replace them while they’re off work. Make sure you have Virginia workers compensation insurance policy that protects your business.

Be Proactive to Keep Costs Under Control

It’s not just having insurance to cover the healthcare costs when a worker is injured. You need to prevent accidents from happening in order to keep your premiums low. Work with your agent to reduce your exposure. Even more accident-prone industries can take measures to protect their employees against injuries. Your agent has resources that will help you be proactive and keep your site safe. Work with them to identify potential risks and dangers and implement policies that protect your business.

Peace of Mind

Your Virginia workers compensation insurance gives you peace of mind for your business expenses. Find the right coverage at the right price when you work with an experienced insurance agent who understands the industry risks and insurance market. Don’t risk what you’ve worked so hard to build by having inadequate insurance coverage. Find what you need to sleep well every night.