Any business owner would be wise to get a workers compensation insurance policy. It is just good to have in the event someone gets hurt while at work. With that being said, there are a few things your workers comp MGA will tell you that you should really pass onto your employees.

Know What Hospitals Are Covered

If someone gets injured and it is a serious emergency, then they will be taken wherever the ambulance goes. You can sort out the details later to try to get it covered by your policy. In the event the injury is not so severe, you should let people know what hospitals are covered under your plan. This will just make things easier down the line.

Make Sure Your Policy Is in Line With What the State Requires

Your employees are allowed to ask about the insurance policy you have for your business. They can then compare the policy you have with what is mandated from the state. To avoid any unpleasantness, make sure you brush up on state laws so that your policy falls within what is required.

A workers comp MGA will be able to go over all these details further with you in person. If your business does not currently have insurance, then get it out before something happens.