A work-related injury affects not only scheduling and workforce, but also an employee’s personal well-being. It requires payouts, return-to-work programs, and a vast network of industry-specific players. As a broker or agent, you should expect several benefits from your workers’ compensation claims management company.


Industry Experience


Your provider should know the ins and outs of workers’ comp. Moreover, they need to focus on the specific issues faced by each industry that you serve. For example, if you work with automotive professionals, you want a provider who understands this specific work environment and the associated risks for mechanics and salesmen.




Experience is built over time; time garners relationships. A good workers’ compensation claims management company will have a vast, established network. They will have built solid relationships with carriers that are able to provide affordable premiums to a wide variety of industries. This includes qualified doctors who are familiar with reviewing work-related injuries, as well as prescription providers with access to appropriate treatments.


Return –to-work program


Return-to-work programs serve to reduce the cost for your clients by helping an employee recover and return to work as quickly as possible. Your provider should have an effective program aimed at mitigating claims, avoiding replacement and training costs, increasing safety awareness and loss-control, avoiding court cases, and re-establishing productivity with improved morale.




A valuable workers’ compensation claims management company will also provide key insight on how a business can better manage its workforce. Moreover, they are willing to share their network and resources so you, as an agent, can procure more business and ensure your clients’ satisfaction.