Workers Compensation and Safety Issues for Mechanics

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Workers in the auto body industry face challenges when it comes to being protected from injuries while on the job. There are several recurring practices that may cause injuries, many of which are evident when examining workers compensation claims in the auto repair industry. Owners of these businesses are required to have workers compensation insurance in Orlando to address these concerns.

Mechanics regularly suffer from eye injuries caused by particles and other matter that impacts unprotected eyes. They often receive cuts and lacerations to fingers as a result of using tools and other sharp instruments. Back and other musculoskeletal injuries are also reported due to lifting heavy objects and working in awkward positions. There can even be a high report of respiratory diseases, like work-related asthma, resulting from exposure to the isocyanates found in polyurethane-based coatings, linings, and paints.

Taking measures to aid in protecting workers

To prevent back and other musculoskeletal injuries owners should provide jacks and other devices like lifting aids for lifting and holding heavy parts for installation. The use of rolling work stands can reduce the need for workers to have to bend over to pick up tools. Mechanics should never attempt to lift heavy objects alone; instead they should seek help with any large, heavy or awkward parts.

To prevent eye injuries the company should develop an eye protection use policy, work with employees to ensure that they find eye protection that works for them and make sure goggles offer adequate protection, including top and side protection.

Prevent finger cuts and lacerations by providing protective gloves that help prevent cuts from sheet metal, glass, and other sharp or jagged objects. Make sure that knives and other bladed instruments are sharpened to avoid the need to apply excessive force. Make sure not to leave discarded blades around the shop where workers can accidentally cut themselves.

You can also prevent work-related asthma from occurring by providing coverings from head-to-toe which can help ensure that no exposed skin comes into contact with catalysts, hardeners, or coating and paint products. All spills should be cleaned up promptly and any exposed skin washed thoroughly. A supplied air respirator is a good way to protect workers from those chemicals that could cause irritation to lungs and throats. Implementing these safety techniques can reduce illness and injury to mechanics and other staff. Having workers compensation insurance in Orlando will help expedite the claim process when required.