It's Worth It to Go Beyond Insurance Requirements

All private schools carry general liability insurance policies because this is a school district requirement. This type of coverage protects against certain types of obligations, such as attorney fees and medical bills stemming from injuries that occur on school grounds. While general liability coverage is an excellent starting point, there are many other situations that may also threaten a school’s assets. Because of this, administrators may want to seek out policies that address more than one type of liability for private schools.

Volunteer Coverage

Many private schools rely on a substantial network of volunteers to keep their organizations functioning, especially when it comes to fundraising events. If any of these volunteers suffer an injury while helping with a school-related function, that school could be facing high litigation and settlement costs. By insuring against this possibility with a policy that speaks specifically to volunteer workers, it is possible to limit liability for private schools in these situations.

Professional Liability Protection

Private schools may also wish to investigate professional liability coverage, which is insurance that provides protection for school-employed professionals who are providing advice or services. This may be relevant in situations involving counselors and nurses who did not behave according to their professions’ standards.

Purchasing the minimum required insurance can result in a substantial loss to a private school’s assets, as general liability does not address many types of liability for private schools. By investing in expanded coverage, administrators can do much more to protect their schools.