When you hire independent contractors to work on your home, there are several things you need to consider. Do they have satisfied customers who highly recommend them? Are their rates competitive? What kinds of insurance do they carry? Wait. What? Insurance? You didn’t even think of that, did you?

All-Around Protection

The differences between an electrician, mason or carpenter and an insured electrician, mason or carpenter are professionalism and peace of mind. An independent contractor who carries the correct insurance for the type of work is one who values a professional reputation. You can make the leap that this translates into a specialist doing the best job possible on your project.

Most independent contractors should carry the same basic kinds of insurance:

  • Professional and general liability
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Health
  • Commercial auto and property

Need To Know

As a homeowner, your main concern is the professional and general liability insurance your contractor carries. This general liability coverage is like a blanket that addresses most of the issues that hopefully never arise with your project. The professional liability insurance covers your contractor in the event that something harmful happens with your home that is related to but not directly caused by the work completed.

Additionally, you should always check your own insurance coverage before beginning work on your home.